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Municipal Council Briefs - May 30

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Jun 7, 2023

A delegation from the Crowsnest Pass Chamber of Commerce spoke with council about the work they are doing in the Pass.

The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass’ council meeting on May 30 was a short-lived affair.

There was a delegation from the Crowsnest Pass Chamber of Commerce with President Daina Lazzarotto speaking on behalf of the Chamber. The Chamber of Commerce is a self-funded, volunteer organization with one part-time staff, a dedicated office manager.

“We play a significant role in the community by fostering partnerships with individuals, groups, businesses and of course, the municipal government. We like to see ourselves as community leaders advocating for our business community and working to better our community and hopefully the people who live here,” said Lazzarotto.

The Chamber offers referrals, discounts, benefits, networking opportunities and advocacy services to all of its members. 

“Our focus has been representing all businesses in the Community, not necessarily just our members. We have continued to do that and we recently launched a new website, which is,” said Lazzarotto.

She said they’ve had some successful luncheons, most recently the Highway 3 Twinning luncheon on May 10 where they received “great feedback” after the event. They have an upcoming golf tournament and are looking at a festival coming to the Pass on July 21 and 22.

“We have Crowfest, which is an event that we have looked at to bring our community together in terms of the business community and the citizens of this Community.  We’re having our first, First Nations and Indigenous market [with] artisans, drummers and dancers,” said Lazzarotto.

They are working with Treaty partners and opening the door to the community to get them involved as well. There will also be lots of entertainment for families according to Lazzarotto.

She also spoke about the work going into the next Best of Crowsnest gala on October 20 at the end of Small Business Week. After an inquiry from councillor Vicki Kubik, Lazzarotto confirmed they have changed the voting system from last year after concerns the voting system was broken. 

“I think it’s a really fun event and a great way to showcase businesses in the Crowsnest Pass. I would hate to see that falter, because it’s getting a bad rap,” said Kubik.

This year, they will be switching to Google Forms to ensure only one set of votes is cast per person, explained Lazzarotto.

After the delegation was over Mayor Blair Painter said, “I’m happy to hear that the Chamber is there for all businesses, that’s very positive.”

Bylaw No. 1152, 2023, a Fees, Rates and Charges Bylaw Amendment involving the annual lease fee for encroachment agreements and development permit penalty fees passed first reading unanimously after minor discussion.

Visit for more information on all past and upcoming council meetings. 

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