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Municipal council news and briefs

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Jun 28, 2023

The pool opened for the summer on May 19 and, according to the update, swim lessons have been very popular. So far, they had 170 registrations by June 8.

The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass regular council meeting received concerns and updates on June 20.

One of the concerns was a letter from Sheldon Philp about Green Mountain’s request to purchase the road allowance on the edge of the property. Philp, along with his wife Tammy Minarovich, own a portion of the property directly across from the road allowance in question. 

“There are a couple of flaws in Green Mountains side of this story over this road allowance,” said Philp.

The road allowance is their only legal access to the property on the south side of the river. 

“Any closure of this road allowance will landlock our property to any kind of future development,” explained Philp.

The council later received a service areas update, including areas around the municipality including the pool and Pass Powderkeg. The pool opened for the summer on May 19 and, according to the update, swim lessons have been very popular. So far, they had 170 registrations by June 8. There have been zero hours of operations lost due to a lack of staff, but three hours were lost due to a chemical issue with the hot tub. The Pass Piranhas have their swim meet on July 14 and 15, with an expected 250 swimmers.

At Pass Powderkeg Community Resort, the summer events include Alberta Orienteering events from June 14 to 17, the Transrockies Mountain Bike Race on July 15 and 16, the Crowsnest 100 from August 4 to 6 and the UROC Funduro on September 9 and 10. 

Summer operations opened June 9 with rentals, retail and food and beverage available at the lodge. They have an updated trail map created by a local artist that has been finished and will be printed this summer and installed in time for next winter. Trail maintenance has started for the summer with two trail crew staff working to clear runs and getting the lodge area ready for summer operations.

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee has recommended it is best to do a one season trial for the outdoor rink in the Crowsnest Pass. The committee wants to place it in a temporary location to assess if this new service is viable. This temporary location will provide the most “cost effective location” to try the outdoor skating rink. 

They agreed the Coleman Sports Complex is the most efficient site to be considered, prior to a permanent decision being made as to the final location. 

“Building an arena system, purchasing equipment and upgrading this facility for a permanent location should not happen until a test season has been completed,” read the report.

It goes on to explain how the test season will provide information relative to how many days the ice will last in the Crowsnest Pass’ climate, the man hours needed to maintain the service and what users are on the ice surface. This will help them determine the project’s viability before purchasing equipment as well, explained the report.

There was also a public hearing for Bylaw No. 1152, 2023, a Fees, Rates and Charges Bylaw Amendment. The amendment will add annual lease fees for Encroachment Agreements and a Development Permit penalty fee. The bylaw passed second and third readings.

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