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New local manager for Frank Slide Centre

Myriah Sagrafena, the Facility Supervisor at the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre pictured in front of the slide. Nicholas L. M. Allen photo

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Apr 17, 2024

Myriah Sagrafena, a long-time resident of Crowsnest Pass, has recently taken on the role of Facility Supervisor at the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre.

With over a decade of experience within the organization, Sagrafena’s journey from a summer student to a seasoned interpreter to her latest appointment reflects her deep connection to the area and commitment to preserving its rich history.

“I started here in 2006 as a summer student and worked my way up to becoming a seasonal interpreter until going full-time in 2012,” said Sagrafena, “Throughout the years, I’ve held various roles primarily related to interpretation.”

Transitioning into her new position on March 4, Sagrafena acknowledges the significance of the task ahead, especially in light of recent retirements within the organization.

“Right now, it’s about getting everything back up and running. We have some big shoes to fill, and many people we’re definitely going to miss,” she explained.

When asked about potential changes or improvements at the Interpretive Centre, Sagrafena expressed her admiration for its existing setup.

“I’ve always liked the way the Interpretive Centre has been. It’s a great place,” she said.

However, she also emphasized her excitement for future collaborations and the opportunity to shape the Centre’s direction alongside her new team.

As the weather transitions, Sagrafena looks forward to the upcoming school season and the return of the Centre’s sleepover program. Additionally, guided hikes through the rocks and boardwalk talks will continue throughout July and August, offering visitors a deeper exploration of the area’s geological wonders.

Reflecting on her new role, Sagrafena shared her excitement for the challenges ahead.

“I’m just really excited to start something new. It’s a new challenge for me, and I’m eager to learn,” she said.

Being a fifth-generation resident of the Crowsnest Pass adds a personal touch to her work, allowing her to share not only the history of the area but also her family’s story with visitors.

Sagrafena encourages locals to visit the Centre and engage with its exhibits, events, and guided tours.

“We’re always happy to have the locals come on up. I’m always happy to hear local stories and be a part of the community,” she said.

With Sagrafena at the helm, the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre looks forward to continuing its mission of educating and preserving the rich heritage of the Crowsnest Pass for generations to come.

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