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Racing to the Finish Line

Competitor in the Bee's Knees Enduro Race at Pass Powderkeg. Devin Brady photo.

Devin Brady

Sept 13, 2023

UROC hosts the Bee’s Knees Enduro at Pass Powderkeg

UROC hosts the Bee’s Knees Enduro at Pass Powderkeg over the weekend on September 9 and 10.

The Pass Powderkeg was full of excitement over the weekend while UROC hosted their first solo enduro race in the Pass, the Bee’s Knees. Friday saw people from all over Southern Alberta setting up tents and trailers at the hill as they prepared for racing the following days. On Saturday there were 51 racers over the four divisions and Sunday held 96 racers in 10 divisions. 

The sidelines were full of supportive friends, family and fans of the sport cheering on all competitors as they came down the different stages. All trails had their share of challenges and technical features from jumps and berms to rock slabs and a wooden wall constructed by UROC on Nothing to Luge. 

As racers descended through the trees you could hear them mouthing words of encouragement or going over obstacle plans prior to a feature. Although the primary goal for race director, Darcy Neniska, was overall enjoyment, all put in the effort to take the podium. 

The final race times for the podium finishers are below.

U12 Short Course Male

1. Davis Carrier 12:02.9

2. Decklan Pineda-McLean 12:49.3

3. Hunter Hiebert 13:09.4

U15 Short Course Male

1. Ewan Thomson 10:44.7

2. Nate Kramer 11:27.3

3. Spencer Taggart 11:37.7


U12 Short Course Female

1. Vivienne Smith 15:12.4

2. Avery Foster 15:42.5

3. Isla Lamb 16:11.6

U15 Short Course Female

1. Zara Ridgley 12:39.3

2. Greta Dove 13:12.3

3. Nyla Prefontaine 13:25.4


U15 Full Course Male

1. Connor Duell 21:10.8

2. Spencer Taggart 21:41.4

3. Parker Howard 22:10.9 

U15 Full Course Female

1. Stella Smith 22:54.3

2. Blake MacLean 25:19.9 

U18 Full Course Male

1. Adam Friesen 20:07.0

2. Payton Pharis 20:15.3

3. Grayden Tschritter 20:47.0 

U18 Full Course Female

1. Lydia Ridgely 22:45.9

2. Jorja MacIntosh 23:27.4

3. Ainsley Harriot 23:33.6 

Open Men

1. Jamie Lamb 20:15.1

2. Andrew Schoonhoven 20:17.0

3. Jason Cox 20:24.3 

Open Women

1. Elyse Milligan 28:46.2

2. Claudia Blandford 32:13.4


Masters Men

1. Adam Duell 20:46.1

2. Steve Leger 20:48.2

3. Andrew Ellis 21:19.7 

Masters Women

1. Karey Lee 22:24.5

2. Zuzana Ecerova 25:16.6

3.Tracy Greanya 27:06.9


E-Bike Open Men

1. Marten Devlieger 21:50.7

2. Colin Yates 23:01.3

3. Eric Charney 23:18.5 

E-Bike Open Women

1. Janine Devlieger 24:38.4

2. Nicci Rasmussen 25:25.0

3. Sonya Friesen 35:08.1

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