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Rare opportunity to host Agriculture conference

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Nov 2, 2022

The Crowsnest Pass was host for the first time in almost two decades

The Crowsnest Pass was home to an Agricultural Fieldman conference at the Crowsnest Pass Golf Club on October 25. The event happens every year, although the last time the Pass hosted was in 2004. 103 people attended the event with attendees including Agricultural Fieldman and members from their Agricultural Service Boards (ASB) from the southern district of Alberta.  

According to Grace O'Leary, the Agricultural Fieldman for the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass, this was an opportunity to listen to speakers in the agricultural industry. They also voted on resolutions to decide if they will be presented at the provincial ASB Conference in January.  

O’Leary said the golf club did a terrific job getting everything set up, providing an awesome food service and making for a beautiful setting to host the conference. The day started with introductions, a welcome speech from Mayor Blair Painter and updates from the program manager. This was followed by several speakers that work in agriculture or the environmental industry.

At lunch they enjoyed a cake made by Cherry on Top and donated by Craig's Liquor. The cake featured two photographs on it taken by Ryan Legroux with Stranded Man Photography. In the afternoon they had their resolution session and finished the day off with door prizes from a variety of local shops including Chris' Restaurant, Rum Runner, Frank Slide Interpretive Center, and Crockets Trading Company. They also had prizes that were donated from Pheasant's Forever, Alberta Invasive Species Council, Alberta Native Bee Council and two prints from local artist Karen Tamminga-Paton, who has a studio in downtown Coleman.

O’Leary is a recent arrival in the Crowsnest Pass, being the new Agricultural Fieldman for the Municipality since June of this year. She was in charge of planning the conference with the help of the ASB. They were “very helpful and supportive throughout the entire process” according to O’Leary. The members include ASB Chair Kathy Wiebe, Vice Chair Dale Paton and members Megan Evans, Doreen Glavin, Vicki Kubik, Dave Filipuzzi, Melisa Atkinson and Frank Degroot.

More information can be found at under Agriculture and Environmental Protection Services in the Living Here section.

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