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Roofing and exterior business owner provides insight into his career

Strictly Roofing and Exteriors business covers a variety of home needs including decks and roofing. Photo courtesy of Chad Fergusson.

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Oct 4, 2023

From roofing to siding, deck construction and more, Strictly Roofing's services have grown to encompass a wide range of exterior projects.

From his early days in the ‘80s to his present role as the owner of Strictly Roofing and Exteriors in the Crowsnest Pass, owner Chad Fergusson spoke about the impact the community has on him and his work. Fergusson’s story began in the mid-’80s when he lived in Crowsnest Pass as a youngster. His family moved away, but his love for the town never faded. 

“My parents got transferred to Cranbrook, so we moved away. Then from Cranbrook we moved to Kelowna,” said Fergusson.

In Kelowna, his career started with a position at the Brick Warehouse Company, where he spent five years, gaining experience.

In 1996, a close friend in the roofing business sparked a new chapter in his life. He ventured into roofing and over the next five years, he transitioned into shingling and began subcontracting for various companies in Kelowna. The foundation of his roofing expertise was laid during this period.

“I opened up my business, Strictly Roofing and Exteriors back in the early 2000s, and then when things slowed down, when that recession hit, I went to Saskatchewan,” said Fergusson.

He said he excelled in siding, custom deck construction and even framing houses in Saskatchewan during the recession. His broad skill set gave him an edge in the industry, ensuring a steady flow of work.

After a successful stint in Saskatchewan, Fergusson returned to Kelowna in 2016, bringing his wealth of knowledge back where he quickly made his mark as a roofing and exterior specialist.

Fate had a surprise in store for Chad as he reconnected with an old girlfriend from his school days in the Crowsnest Pass. 

“I reconnected with an old Grade 7 girlfriend from when I lived here in the Pass. Like 35 years later, we reconnected, and she came to visit me a few times in Kelowna, and then it was my turn to come here,” said Fergusson.

This rekindled romance brought him even closer to the community he now calls home.

Fergusson’s vision for Strictly Roofing has expanded over time. From roofing to siding, deck construction and more, his services have grown to encompass a wide range of exterior projects. The demand for his expertise continues to rise, keeping him and his crew busy.

“I appreciate all the work everyone’s throwing me,” said Fergusson

From his early days in the Pass to becoming the proud owner of Strictly Roofing, Fergusson hopes to continue proving himself with his work. Visit to learn more about the business.

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