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Roxy Theatre begins seat recognition campaign to raise funds

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Jun 7, 2023

Donated funds are being used to support chair, theatre and foyer renewal.

The Crowsnest Cultural and Recreation Society (Crowsnest Cando) is holding a seat recognition campaign to help Revive the Roxy. Funds donated are being used to support chair, theatre and foyer renewal.

Act III Together We Can Do It fundraising for Crowsnest Cando has experienced a series of successes in fundraising that started with a donation and early recognition from the Blairmore Lions Club. 

Scene Two of Act III is underway. This is an opportunity for families in the Pass and elsewhere to recognize loved ones and honour current family members through the Roxy Chair recognition campaign. The seat recognition categories are priced at $500, $1000, $1500, and $2000 depending on their location in the Roxy Theatre. 

Your name or in memoriam names will be etched on a Wall of Fame located in the Roxy Lounge area. All funds donated to the seat recognition campaign will receive a tax receipt and will be used for enhancements.

They originally had discussions about putting the names directly on the chairs, but the challenge they faced was not knowing whether they were going to use the old chairs or get new chairs according to Crowsnest Cando chairman Tim Juhlin. He likened the seat recognition campaign as similar to other ways people get their names put into projects.

“Everyone that buys a seat recognition ticket will get the name put on a plaque on the wall. I think you could view it like a construction project that is publicly funded. They have a brick you can get your name put on and this is the equivalent of that,” said Juhlin.

Anyone who purchases one of the four different packages available will get their name put on a list for priority ticketing at events which they will then have the first right of refusal for.

“They’ll be notified in advance of the of the event and before it goes out to the public. If they say ‘No, I’m not attending,” then the ticket becomes available to anyone,” said Juhlin.

This will be tied to a seat number in the event they replace the chairs in the theatre. Although you can have first choice for events in the theatre, they might still be a few years away, admits Juhlin. They haven’t had many people reach out to take advantage of the opportunity, so they are looking to get the message out as best they can. 

“We got a facility that at current cost would probably be $6 million and we’re going to get it for less than that. It’s going to be a real change for the community, especially downtown Coleman,” said Juhlin.

He also talked about how there’s not much for kids to do in the Crowsnest Pass and how this facility will help once it is up and running.

“I talked to a fellow that started work at Teck and he said that his kids have to stay where they are because there’s very little for kids compared to the city. Providing a performing arts centre would help that situation,” said Juhlin.

To learn more about the seat recognition campaign, visit to see their poster with a scannable QR code. There is also a link underneath for those unable to scan the QR code. 

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