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Sixth Annual Pole and Spur Results

A team of a skier and rider compete at the sixth annual Pole and Spur on March 11 at the Sartoris Staging Area. Nick Allen photo.

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Mar 15, 2023

The sixth annual Pole and Spur is over and the results are in!

After a long day of racing around the Sartoris Staging Area, one team took the mantle of first place, with a total of 37 teams taking place in the competition.

After the first round of competition the groups were separated into Groups A and B, with the best scores in Group A. 

Placement for Group A is as follows:

First Place: Ryan Linderman (Skier) and Sam Edge (Rider) with a cumulative score of 46.6 had times of 23.04 and 23.56 to beat out the competition. The duo had no penalties in either run.

Second Place: Kamilia Grabinski (Skier) and Gongshow Prescott (Rider) with a score of 47.29. This duo had no penalties and finished the first run with a time of 24 and the second with a time of 23.69.

Third Place: Sam Edge (Skier) and Ryan Linderman (Rider) had a score of 51.69 after switching roles, with a time of 25.57 and 26.12.

Emerson Padley (Skier) and Hayley Brooks (Rider) had the fastest time of the day with 22.65 but failed to place in the top three after a time of 34.04 in their first race.

The Group B results are as follows:

First Place: Logan Peasley (Skier) and Ian Scott (Rider) with a score of 76.38.

Second Place: Cindy Sleeman (Skier) and Elyse Jensen (Rider) with a score of 89.6.

Third Place: Brad Clifford (Skier) and Shayla Musak (Rider) with a score of 144.32

The novice group had seven of the total riders with Jessica Horne (Skier) and Tinnany Hiller (Rider) taking first with a score of 50.62. 

Kamilia Grabinski (Skier) and Rebecca McIntyre (Rider) took second in novice with a score of 60.31.

The full results are available at under contestants.

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