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Soo Sushi reopening scheduled next Saturday

Devin Brady

Jan 31, 2024

Jackson Joo is the new proprietor of Soo Sushi in Blairmore.

Jackson Joo is the new proprietor of Soo Sushi in Blairmore. The chef who is originally from Seoul, South Korea has achieved his dream of opening his own restaurant. After being shut-down for a month and a half to redesign both the interior and the menu, Joo is about ready to re-open. He has a health inspection as well as the fire inspection scheduled and once he passes those the restaurant will be ready to open. 

Joo has been a chef for sixteen years. He began his studies in 2002 where he worked in kitchens in the United States. Ever since he has dreamed of opening his own foreign restaurant. The thought of this experience finally happening is both “scary and happy”. Some of the changes consisted of interior decorating. For the last five years, Joo, has been collecting items which he wanted to have on display in his restaurant. You will see a variety of vinyl records on the North wall, and album covers along the bar and next to the washrooms will be an operational turntable. Across from there will be a cabinet filled with antique collectibles and a wall of photos which Joo himself took over his lifetime. When it comes to menu changes there will be some new additions. These include sushi burgers, snow fries – french fries with a dusting of icing sugar and sprinkled with parmesan cheese, a cheese rock steak and some Korean additions such as bulgogi. 

Joo is anticipating an opening for Saturday February 3, 2024. The restaurant will be open from 4:00 - 9:00 pm where they are promoting a 20% discount for opening day. Joo is “very excited” to re-open and show the community the fresh perspective on the restaurant. After moving to the Crowsnest Pass, Joo worked around the area for two years before coming to Blairmore and working at Soo for a short time before taking it over from his friend. Joo has been happy to join the community that is “very kind” and where he finds it “quiet and peaceful”.  When he is not preparing to open a restaurant, Joo, can be found recreating in the mountains where he has gained a passion for snowboarding and mountain biking. He is an avid sports fan and overall enjoyer of the outdoors. He highly recommends the snow fries, which are his own adaptation inspired by Korean chicken, and the red sun chicken. 

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