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Teck donates $250,000 to Roxy Renovation

Teck manager of Social Responsibility, Rory O’Connor, at the Roxy Theatre on July 20 for the company’s donation to support the restoration of the historic theatre. (Talk Shop Media photo)

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Jul 26, 2023

Teck Donated $250,000 to Support Revitalization of the Historic Roxy Performing Arts Theatre

Teck Resources Limited (Teck) announced on July 20 a $250,000 donation to support the restoration of the historic Roxy Theatre in Coleman, Alberta.

Teck said the donation is to help make it a vibrant, multi-use community performing arts space once again.

Teck’s donation will help support renovations of the 275-seat theatre, that last operated in 2003. Once the restoration project is complete, the Roxy Theatre will host live performances including plays and music, show movies and be a space for cultural events to benefit the local economy and community. 

“Teck is committed to making a positive difference in the communities where we operate and knows the value of the performing arts like the Roxy Theatre in building lively communities where we live, work and play,” said Robin Sheremeta, the Senior Vice President of Coal at Teck, “The revitalization of the Roxy Theatre will expand cultural experiences and amenities for residents and visitors to Coleman and Crowsnest Pass, home to nearly 500 Teck employees.”

The Roxy Theatre was originally built in 1948 and is a Quonset-style theatre. The Quonset theatre was a style popularized after WW2 as the military was decommissioning their operations and selling off surplus. 

Communities in the region are in transition and the need for a performing arts and community space is growing and will give community groups like choirs, orchestras, acting groups, schools and dance studios a venue for performances. 

The Theatre revitalization efforts are being led by the Crowsnest Cando, the Crowsnest Cultural & Recreation Society Committee, and will make the Roxy Theatre a dynamic, multi-use performing space, which will expand cultural experiences and amenities for residents and visitors to the Crowsnest Pass. Teck also claims it will aid in the revitalization of historic downtown Coleman.

“The Roxy Theatre will support a growing regional arts scene as a venue for our growing arts community and to help cultivate an arts hub along Highway 3 to attract artists to the area,” said Tim Juhlin, President of Crowsnest Cando, “Teck’s donation makes significant progress towards our fundraising goals. Once reopened, the Roxy Theatre will be a dynamic cultural hub and provide a much needed performing space for our growing arts community in Crowsnest and the Elk Valley.”

As Crowsnest Cando continues to fundraise for interior renovations and modifications, work on the exterior of the Roxy is expected to begin in August 2023.

Crowsnest Cando purchased the Roxy theatre in 2021 and has brought together a group of volunteers for the Revive the Roxy project to restore and re-establish the historic theatre as a regional performing arts centre in southwestern Alberta. Visit for more information.

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