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A Year in the Pass

Nicholas L. M. Allen

May 31, 2023

I am truly grateful to have such a wonderful job in a wonderful place.

As of June 1, I will officially have lived in the Crowsnest Pass for a full year. During that time, I have grown to love the community and the beauty there is here. 

It is hard to believe I have been reporting here for almost a year on events from around the community, including my first story, Darcy’s Nature Walk. 

I first walked into the Pass Herald office on June 6, only a few days after moving in my belongings from my dorm in Lethbridge. I spent an extra month after college was over to finish my practicum required to complete my program. Shortly into my practicum, I heard about the opportunity here in the Pass and was quick to reach out.

Lisa called for an interview and after a short chat, I had the job! Now, I am happier than ever working here at the paper with her and Tina. She has given me such a wonderful opportunity as the Pass Herald’s reporter. I am truly grateful to have such a wonderful job in a wonderful place.

I am still learning lots about the Crowsnest Pass and its residents every day. I learn more and more pieces of history the longer I am here which is all the more exciting. I hope to never stop learning while I live here.

I have had plenty of wonderful interactions with people while I am at the paper, although I am a bit tired of being asked if I am Lisa’s son. Now that I have been here a full year, I hope people will begin to recognize me more. The assumption has gotten quite tiresome to correct.

To every event organizer that gave me the chance to attend and report on their activities, performances, galas and more I am so thankful for the kindness and generosity you have shown. A special shout out to the staff at the various schools for always being so accommodating.

I also want to thank the people who have shared their stories with me so far. I hope I have helped in raising awareness for your cause, activities or personal struggles.

I have been here for a year, and what a year it has been. I want to be here for many more years. I love it here and hope to provide the community with the quality news it deserves. 

Thanks for reading the Pass Herald!

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