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Cherry on Top

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Jul 26, 2023

(Food Edition) Tasting some breakfast crepes at the Cherry on Top!

I continued my culinary adventures this week by going to the wonderful little eatery Cherry on Top. It was a delicious experience.

Walking in, I could smell all of the wonderful cooking happening. Almost immediately I decided to get myself two breakfast crepes. 

Crepes are great on their own, but stuff them like an omelette and they are unbelievably good. To wash it down, I also ordered a large mocha. 

After I received my food, It was difficult once again to snap a photo before I dug into my meal. The garnish of cherry tomatoes and cucumber was also a really nice touch.

The mocha was also delicious, with a nice foam on top and a splendidly creamy finish. The mocha was an absolute 10/10. 

I also have to recognize their Reuben, it is a tasty sandwich featuring corned beef and sauerkraut. So tasty!

The staff at Cherry on Top was also so kind, even with a steady flow of customers and almost full tables. It was great service.

The distance from work is great for me as well! I feel like I will become a semi-regular for those breakfast crepes! 

I highly recommend visiting the Cherry on Top, there is also plenty of baked goods I never had the opportunity to try, Ill be back for sure.

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