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Crocket’s Trading Post

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Jun 28, 2023

(Food Edition) Trying smoothies and cola at Crocket's Trading Post in Bellevue.

Last week, I was convinced to go and try one of the smoothies at Crocket’s Trading Post in Bellevue, and I was absolutely blown away with how tasty it was. 


The first one I tried was the Peach Mango smoothie, which was incredibly delicious and tasted so natural. After reading the ingredients I understood why. It is a very simple smoothie using apple juice concentrate as a base, but it was perfect nonetheless. I almost forgot to take a photo of the Peach Mango smoothie before I drank it all!


I also tried the Strawberry Banana flavour, which was less sweet, but still very good. The banana was far more toned down than the peach and mango and made for a tasty beverage.


I was also amazed at the variety of other products they offer, including coffee from here in the Crowsnest Pass and unique teas.

I also had my eye on a cola they sold. It was called ‘M. Schneider and Son Cola!’ The pop was very tasty, although the can felt strange to hold with the giant sticker across the can. Aesthetically it was bit jarring but the flavour was good and is worth a try. 

I recommend heading over to Crocket’s to try a smoothie. The staff are absolutely wonderful to chat with. I look forward to going back soon.

I’m off to try out Chris’ Restaurant this week and see what they have to offer. 

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