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Jets Playoff Games

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Apr 26, 2023

Winnipeg Jets stumble after winning the first game in the series.

It is not looking good for the Winnipeg Jets after the first four games in the series. The Vegas Golden Knights have taken a three to one lead in the Western Conference series, dashing my hopes for an extended playoff run.

I am definitely not disappointed in the team, they have had a few tough breaks to start the series, including a few injuries taking out some star players in Mark Scheifele, Josh Morrissey and Nikolaj Ehlers.

Ehlers and Scheifele are still considered day-to-day, so there is a chance for them to return in game five of the series, but I wont keep my hopes up on that happening before their playoff exit. 

The series sure started great with that 5-1 win over the Golden Knights, but the rest of the series has shown Vegas has resilience. 

They bounced back hard in game two, taking it 5-2. This was to be expected with the team still holding home ice advantage. 

The two games in Winnipeg are where my hopes were dashed. 

Playing in front of the “whiteout” crowd, the Jets started game three from behind and had to crawl their way back to even up the game before the end of the third period. This was all in vain as the Golden Knights would end up taking the game in second overtime. 

Now down two to one in the series, the Jets team needed to dig down hard to take game four. This was not to be.

After Schiefele was injured minutes into the game, the outcome became to look bleak. After one period, the game was tied, but the Golden Knights took the second period as a chance to get ahead, scoring two unanswered goals.

The Jets would try to push back, to no avail. Near the end of the game with the goalie pulled, the Jets had another goal scored against them, ending things at 4-2 for the Golden Knights.

One more game for the Jets to prove they deserve to be in the playoffs. They need to continue fighting for a chance to move onto the next round. 

Its a tall order, especially when the goalie for the Golden Knights, Laurent Brossoit, is playing like an absolute beast in net. 

The season for the Winnipeg Jets hangs in the balance on Wednesday night. Will they prolong their season or will they have an early summer? I am not sure it will be a win for the Jets in game five but I will be watching nonetheless. 

I wish the injured players on the Jets a speedy recovery and I hope we can pull off another win or two to force game seven. This may be wishful thinking, but anything can happen in playoff hockey. 

Go Jets Go!

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