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New Furniture

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Jul 12, 2023

No Food Edition this week, just a big thank you to my dad for helping me move some pieces of furniture.

Taking a break from food this week, I am going to give a big thanks to my dad for his help this past weekend bringing a new recliner into my apartment. 

I’ll start this off by explaining why I needed new furniture. It all began once my couch began falling apart in May. I kept getting stabbed by loose staples while relaxing and the entire back was breaking apart, so it was time for an upgrade.

This led me on a search for some furniture on a budget. I was looking for sale items and one concern was getting it delivered due to my physical ailments from my Shingles complications. 

I made my way to the Brick in Pincher Creek and ordered two chairs. They were set to be delivered in mid-June. I explained my lack of furniture and the need for delivery when I ordered. The end of June rolled around. I had not heard from anyone and decided to stop by for a visit. 

The chair wouldn’t be here until mid-July now. I cancelled the recliner and got them to deliver my lounge chair since it kept being delayed. I needed furniture. I couldn’t hope it would arrive month-to-month. When they asked if they could deliver the one item and get me to pick up the other when it eventually came in, I knew I was taking my business elsewhere. 

After discussing with my dad, he decided to make the trip out from Saskatchewan to help me pick up a recliner with his truck. A seven hour trip that saved me a lot of hassle, and I am truly grateful.

We ended up finding a place called Surplus Furniture, where we were sure they had products in stock for us. And they sure did. The moment we walked in the first chair caught my eye and was the one that came home with me. 

Between his bad knee and my weakened right side, It was a miracle we were able to get the chair upstairs.   Now I have some comfy furniture that makes my apartment far more comfortable. Thanks for all your help, Dad!

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