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Reckless Driving

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Jun 26, 2024

I was almost in a head-on collision the other day...

I feel compelled to share my concerns about the growing recklessness on our roads. Just the other day, I narrowly avoided a head-on collision. I had to drastically reduce my speed, cutting it by more than half, to prevent the accident. It was on Highway 3 between the lights going into Blairmore. The other driver, blinded by the sun, was trying to pass a semi-truck, following closely behind another vehicle. Clearly, they didn’t have the time to pass safely like the car in front of them. This harrowing experience left me shaken and questioning the increasing danger on our roads.

The day before this near-miss, I met another example of unbelievable carelessness. While in the drive-thru lane of Timmie’s, the driver ahead of me leaned out of their car to ask if I could back up because they had driven past the order kiosk. Rather than accommodating this request and waiting for them to order while the rest of the line disappeared ahead of him. I decided to go inside and order. Unsurprisingly, I managed to receive my order quicker than they could proceed through the drive-thru. Some people shouldn’t drive a truck I suppose.

Adding to my concerns, I recently saw a speed sign in Frank that displayed “Too Fast” instead of a numerical speed. This occurred while I was walking the river path, and it became clear that the sign couldn’t register speeds over 70. The next number it showed was in the sixties. This led me to wonder if drivers are simply ignoring the multiple signs warning them to slow down to 50. Are people not aware of the pedestrian crossing in Frank? The speeds at which vehicles travel through this area make it extremely dangerous for pedestrians. Personally, I would be terrified to use that crossing given the reckless driving I’ve witnessed.

Since moving here two years ago, I’ve noticed a troubling increase in dangerous driving behaviours. The community’s roads seem to be becoming less safe, and it’s a trend that needs addressing. The near-miss collision, the drive-thru incident, and the speed sign observation all underscore a broader issue: a growing disregard for road safety and consideration for others.

I urge everyone to reflect on their driving habits, including me. Let’s prioritize safety over haste and impatience. Our community deserves safer roads, where pedestrians feel secure, and drivers adhere to speed limits and traffic rules. It’s time to slow down, pay attention, and make our streets safer for everyone.

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