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Spice Lounge and Pizza

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Jul 19, 2023

(Food Edition) Trying Tandoori Chicken pizza from Spice Lounge and Pizza.

The food edition is back! After a week off, I have gone out to a local restaurant again to sample some food. 

This week I went to Spice Lounge and Pizza, with a menu featuring a variety of pizza choices and Indian food. I decided why not try both at once with the Tandoori Chicken Pizza. 

I decided to order take out this week so I could continue work while tasting what the Spice Lounge had to offer. They were very friendly on the phone and it was only 25 minutes before I could pick up my food.

The atmosphere inside the restaurant is wonderful. It has a very modern and classy atmosphere that made me want to go back for dining in!

I paid for my pizza and was on my way. The smell of the pizza sitting in the passenger seat was irresistible, but I had to wait for a photo. It was torture.

Once I finally got the pizza to my apartment, it was time to dig in. I loaded my plate with three pieces and was immediately enjoying the slices of Tandoori Chicken pizza.

The spice was pleasant. It was strong but not overwhelming. The toppings worked perfectly with the chicken and sauce. It was delicious and I’ll admit I ate far more than I really needed.

I am a fan of the combination of Indian cuisine and pizza. They definitely will be getting more of my business in the future. I’ll for sure be trying more than just the pizza though!

In conclusion, it was a delicious meal at an affordable price. You have to try it out if you have the chance.

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