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Video Game Industry​

Nicholas Allen

Nov 2, 2022

The video game industry has steadily been putting out games that are incomplete for a few years now.

The first time I went through this major disappointment was with the game Fallout 76. It was heavily marketed, and it looked so promising that I pre-ordered a special edition for the game. Big mistake. Upon release, it was riddled with game-breaking bugs and almost nothing for non-playable characters (NPCs) until years later. I tried to play, but the constant crashing and errors made it an unpleasant experience for me.

Flash forward to last week. The newest Call of Duty (CoD) game is coming out, a reboot of the game Modern Warfare 2. I was excited about this game, not having played a CoD game for quite some time. I tried out the early beta version and everything seemed fine. A few minor issues but the game had not been released yet, so I ignored the early warning signs.

Now it's release day, October 28, and the first attempt at loading it with six of us players, it crashed one of our games. We reset, tried again and then someone else's game would crash. It went on like this for almost half an hour before we split up the group and tried with smaller party sizes. It did not matter though, as it would still crash every other game or more. At one point, I tried to solo join a match to see if that worked and I received an error message less than halfway through the match. I was so astounded by the lack of features as well. It lacked what is called a "Hardcore" mode, now relabeled "Tier 1", where it required less damage to defeat your opponents. This game mode has been featured on every version of CoD I have ever played, but was absent on this version upon its release.

Games should not be missing anything on release day, especially if they cost 90 dollars or more for the game! Luckily, I was able to get a refund on the Xbox store for the purchase. I will try to refrain from pre-ordering any more games. I'll wait until it has been out for a few weeks before I even think about dropping money on something I can't even play. The days of putting in a game and playing without an issue seem to be in the past, except for Nintendo that is.

In conclusion, don't waste your money or time on the new CoD until they have released all game modes and features. Happy gaming everyone, and remember, don't pre-order video games!

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