Crowsnest Pass Municipal Council briefs and news

David Selles
Pass Herald Reporter

The following topics were discussed at the Regular Council Meeting on Tuesday, July 13th.


Budget 2022 Calendar and Development Guidelines
Budget 2022, along with a forecast for 2023 and 2024, will provide a foundation for the Municipality to meet public service and infrastructure needs of the residents. In addition, the budget guidelines will provide information to residents and other interested parties in learning about Council's thought process in developing the Municipality's annual budget. It is also the time for Council to identify new initiatives they would like brought forward as part of the draft budget. These initiatives could be a change in an existing service level, staffing, or something completely new. By Council identifying these initiatives upfront, it gives Administration time to explore costing and implementation prior to presenting the draft budget. To ensure budgets are completed in a consistent and timely basis, best practice is to establish a written process to ensure coordination of the budget process. The first step in the process is the development and communication of the guidelines to be used in the preparation of the budgets. Each year Administration prepares the Guidelines and Calendar with key dates for Council's review and approval. Once the Guidelines and Calendar are approved, Administration will begin building the budgets and notifying the various groups of the timelines for presentations. Once approved, the proposed budget development guidelines and calendar will help to ensure the budget is prepared in a manner that is consistent with Council's direction. The guidelines are necessary to ensure everyone involved in developing the budget, especially Administration knows what is expected, thereby minimizing misunderstanding and extra work. The goal is to have Budget 2022 along with 2023 and 2024 projections approved by December 14, 2021. During discussion, Councillor Ward said he'd like to see this process advertised this year. "I'm good with the schedule but I'd like to make sure we advertise it. It would be nice this year to see some of our residents come out and enjoy the budget process with us." Councillor Ward then made a motion to proceed with the schedule presented by Administration for budget deliberations. That motion was carried. Councillor Glavin then made a motion that Council accept Administration's 2022 Budget Development Guidelines. That motion was carried.