Crowsnest Municipal Council briefs

David Selles
Pass Herald Reporter

The following topics were discussed at the Regular Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 17th.

Bylaw 1101-2021 – Land Use Bylaw Amendment
The proposed bylaw involves the redistricting of Lots 16-20, Block 14, Plan 3319I, from Residential R-1 to Multi-Family R-3 for the purpose of a Four (4) story “Apartment Building”. The subject property is located within walking distance to downtown Blairmore. It is under consideration for a purpose-built senior rental apartment under CMHC's 'attainable' housing program. The CMHC application and market feasibility study is still being confirmed. The development concept being proposed on the subject property is a 24-unit, four-storey "Apartment Building", with the ground floor dedicated to parking. The concept plan does identify some of the variances that may be requested at the development permit stage. The subject property is located within a predominantly single-family residential area. The property to the east is Multi-Family R-3 with apartment buildings. Residential R-1 parcels exist to the north and west, and a mix of Retail Commercial C-1, Residential R-1 and Public P-1 to the south. The Municipal Development Plan promotes expanding housing options and increasing the minimum density. Section 2.2.5 recognizes the need for housing options that accommodate senior's, including multi-unit buildings that require less maintenance. Following the presentation of the information to Council by Administration, Councillor Filipuzzi made a motion for second reading. The motion was carried. Councillor Ward then made a motion for third reading that was also carried.

Bylaw 1117, 2022 – Municipal Reserve Closure
The subject MR parcel is located adjacent to the MDM Community Centre and an existing, undeveloped subdivision (Mohawk Meadows). On April 05, 2022 Council approved the conditional sale of a portion of Lot 15MR, Block 5, Plan 8311587 to the adjacent landowner for consolidation with developed Lot 28; Block 5 Plan 1211031 subject to conditions. The purpose for acquiring the additional MR lands is to increase the size of the rear yard of the adjacent residential lot owned by the applicant. On adoption of the bylaw, the certified bylaw will be submitted to the Registrar of Land Titles with a request that the MR designation be removed. On removal of the designation, the land may be sold or otherwise disposed of but the proceeds must be accounted for separately and may be used only for the purposes referred to in s. 671(2) of the MGA - i.e. to acquire or improve land for a public park or recreation area or as a buffer between lands that are used for different purposes. The applicant has submitted an application for the portion of MR to be redistricted to Residential R-1 once the MR removal and subdivision is complete. Following the presentation of the information to Council by Administration, Councillor Filipuzzi made a motion for first reading. That motion was carried. There will be a public hearing on this bylaw June 14th.