Crowsnest Community Support starting new initiatives

David Selles
Pass Herald Reporter


Local Member of Parliament John Barlow will have extra responsibility for the Conservative Party as he was named Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Agri-Food and Food Security.
Barlow says this is a position he feels he has the knowledge to do well in.
“I have previous experience as Shadow Minister in this portfolio as well as other posts in Shadow Cabinet. I have built strong relationships with farmers, ranchers, their association and the agri-food sector and industry stakeholders. In preparation for my Bill C-205 to protect farmers and ranchers from illegal trespassing on their properties by activists, I became knowledgeable about food security in Canada. As the election was called before it received Royal Assent, it is my intention to reintroduce this legislation in this Parliamentary session. In addition, many of my constituents are obviously involved in this industry and there are numerous leaders in the agriculture sector in Foothills so not only has this always been a priority for me, but I also have outstanding constituents I can contact for advice, insights and experience.”