A local pet groomer has a new apprentice

Nicholas Allen

Pass Herald Reporter

There is a new face helping at the Crowsnest Canine Center, a local pet service provider.

The Crowsnest Canine Center started in 2004 and the owner, Jody Clark, said this is her natural progression into retirement. Training the next person to potentially take over the business has been at the front of her mind, with the new apprentice starting just last week.

“We decided we better get it out there so she can start getting some new clients,” said Clark.

The new apprentice, Kenzie Devlin, said she tried a couple different lines of work before deciding she needed a change to something that made her happy. Working with animals was an easy adjustment for her to make.

“I grew up around animals and that was always the light at the end of the day for me. Coming home to them and being able to give them love,” said Devlin.

She picked dog grooming because it allows her to make a dog happy at the end of the day. Getting to make owners happy and show them how to properly care for their animals is also important to her. An aspect of dog grooming she is excited to bring to the area is colouring. She is working on getting certified through a contact in Edmonton as she is “pretty artsy” and hopes it is something clients are interested in. So far, she is happy with the brief time she has been at the business.

“The clientele is already rolling in and they're already excited to meet me and they're really excited for me to be able to care for their dogs,” said Devlin.

She wants everyone to know she is also a “paw parent” herself and knows the feeling of putting your pet into someone else’s care.

"I want to make everyone feel comfortable and know that I do care for my own dog, and I'll be able to care for theirs the same way I would care for mine,” said Devlin.

This will be Clark’s first local apprentice, with Devlin being from Cowley. Clark said it is her hope for Devlin to eventually take over the business as the several apprentices before her have not stayed in the area. She added it is a great location for this type of business, especially with the changes she has made to the property.

“I kind of went through a little phase of burnout and had to decide how to revamp [the business],” said Clark, “We have a great location. We've got the forest preserve right there to walk them. We've got the river right there for them to swim in.”

The Crowsnest Canine Center provides boarding, training and grooming as well as having a kennel management program available. She said the business is busy all year round and from the moment she opened, she experienced an influx of people wanting to have their dogs stay in the kennel. More information is available on the Crowsnest Canine Center’s Facebook page.