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Rest easy my friend

Lisa Sygutek

May 8, 2024

Earlier this week we lost one of our feature writers, Avner Perl.

We have had many writers throughout our years here at the Pass Herald and I have developed a special relationship with them all. It’s not easy to put yourself out there, giving opinions, because chances are you are going to offend someone. Editorials and opinion pieces are the only place in a newspaper where you are allowed to write from your own personal perspective. The rest of the paper is supposed to be neutral. Our job is to write the story and then let you the reader reflect on the information. 

Earlier this week we lost one of our feature writers, Avner Perl. Avner came into the paper seven years ago and asked if he could write a column from his life perspective. This is how our relationship began. I had met Avner in church and he always had insightful opinions. What better way to share those opinions than in the newspaper. He wrote about his humble beginnings, his life path to Canada and always had an interesting perspective. Sometimes I agreed with him, other times I didn’t but I ALWAYS respected his right to have them. 

I remember when Avner came into the office to tell me he was diagnosed with cancer. He was stoic and resolute. When you are diagnosed with this disease, you feel some measure of comfort talking to people who have walked the same path. Avner and I had many talks about his journey and mine. 

Avner had a deep love for his wife Madeline and for God. He was strong in these beliefs and faith. I will miss his columns coming in like clockwork on Monday mornings. 

Feature writers like Avner play a crucial role in the newspaper industry, offering different perspectives and opinions on various topics. Their unique style of storytelling and analysis adds depth and diversity to the content, making them an indispensable part of any newspaper. However, when these talented writers pass away, their loss is deeply felt, leaving a void that is difficult to fill.

One of the key reasons why feature writers are important is their ability to provide multiple viewpoints on a given subject. They have the skills to delve deep into a topic, presenting it from various angles and offering readers a comprehensive understanding. By doing so, they broaden our readers’ horizons and encourage critical thinking. Feature writers bring fresh ideas, challenge conventional wisdom, and expose readers to different viewpoints, fostering a more informed and well-rounded society.

Moreover, feature writers add a touch of creativity and storytelling to their articles. They have the ability to engage readers through captivating narratives, making complex subjects relatable and accessible. Their eloquent language and vivid descriptions create a unique reading experience that goes beyond mere information. Feature writers have the talent to evoke emotions, provoke thoughts, and inspire readers, making their articles memorable and impactful.

The passing of a feature writer is a loss not only for the newspaper but also for our readership. These writers often develop a loyal following who appreciate their unique insights and perspectives. When they pass away, readers lose a trusted source of information and analysis. The absence of their distinctive voice leaves a void in the newspaper, making it difficult to replicate the same level of quality and depth.

Furthermore, the loss of a feature writer affects the newspaper industry as a whole. Their absence diminishes the diversity of opinions and perspectives offered to readers. It becomes challenging to find a replacement who can match the same level of expertise, storytelling, and connection with the audience. The industry loses a talent, making it harder to maintain the same standard of journalism that readers have come to expect.

Rest easy my friend. Your words are saved in the ink of this paper and firmly recorded in the history of the Crowsnest Pass. When I open page three, I will always have a smile for the time you gave to our little paper and to our community.

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