Nick's Notes

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  My first week of living and working in the Crowsnest Pass has, well, Pass-ed. 

It went by so quickly and exceeded any of the expectations I had coming here. I couldn’t be happier to be living in this community. 

  I feel so welcome everywhere I go, especially at restaurants. I have eaten out far more than I should after moving here, but it has been well worth it! The local food is unbelievably tasty and has been a saving grace on the days I have been far too exhausted from moving to cook for myself. 

  I am also happy everyone has been so open to speaking with me for the few stories I have done. The more I speak with the members of this community, the more I am surprised at how caring and thoughtful you all are. 

  Aside from the general kindness, I’ve gotten some really great advice on fly fishing so far. I even went out to buy a fly rod this past weekend. I’m sure it will be a bit of a learning curve but I look forward to finding out all I can about the sport.

  What I need next are some tips for some great spots to go camping around here! I have the tent, the bunk bed cots (yes they stack) and gear to go wherever! Hopefully some rain-free weekends in the future that I can get out for.

  The history of this area is also remarkable. Every day I feel like I learn something new about a part of the area. Everywhere from the Roxy Theatre to the very building I live in, has a unique story from it’s past. I love the preservation of the past that has occurred in the Crowsnest Pass.

  What I love the absolute most is every morning when I look out my window I get to see the mountains towering over the landscape. I see their snow-capped peaks and I feel more at home than I ever have before. 

  Actually, I guess the Crowsnest Pass IS my home now. Amazing.