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Alberta-made blinds now available in the Crowsnest Pass for custom order

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Jun 7, 2023

Janice Pounder has gone into a new field, selling blinds manufactured in Alberta by Bold Blinds. 

An Alberta blind manufacturer has a brand-new subcontractor stationed right here in Crowsnest Pass as of May 31.

Janice Pounder has gone into a new field, selling blinds manufactured in Alberta by her husband’s nephews at a company called Bold Blinds. 

“They own the company, so it’s a really family-oriented business... We can do custom orders and have a shorter turnaround than most people would be able to ordering blinds from anywhere else,” said Pounder.

The blinds are manufactured in Edmonton with a location in Red Deer as well. With this most recent expansion, Pounder hopes to help show off all of the products they offer. Bold Blinds have Roller Shades, Honeycomb Shades and Zebra Shades along with fully darkening shades and more. 

“There’s a lot of different options that you can go with,” said Pounder.

When ordering blinds from outside of Alberta, you may be waiting for more than a couple of weeks according to Pounder. This can include the time to measure, custom design and the sending of the order. With Bold Blinds, they are hoping to reduce some of the processing involved.

“They make them right as we send the order,” explained Pounder.

For those who didn’t plan on going the custom route, Pounder also explained the downside of buying blinds from large retailers such as Walmart. They are not going to fit your windows exactly.

“[With Bold Blinds], we come measure them, so you are getting an exact fit,” said Pounder.

A lot of people that work night shifts in the Pass want the blackout curtains, she explained. Bold Blinds also has blinds that provide added security for businesses.

“During the day, people don’t really see in and you keep the heat and the light out. At night when you have a light on behind you can see in for security,” said Pounder.

She commended her husband’s nephews for starting the business and maintaining it through Covid 

“They started this new division and they’re very smart. They do phenomenal business up in Edmonton and they’ve been doing it for a few years,” said Pounder.

Although she just started recently, Pounder got her first client right away, working to finalize the order the next day.

Pounder has been in the Crowsnest Pass for over 30 years and used to be a realtor. She just finished working with Crowsnest Community Support Society after they laid everyone off on May 30. According to Pounder, a lot of them moved on with a new company, but she chose not to. 

“I thought I was going to be able to retire there. I’m still looking at downsizing, but I like running my own business and having the freedom that goes with it,” said Pounder.

She added that her work in real estate will help her get out there and promote herself. She hopes to eventually work with anyone building homes or doing renovations.

“I look around the Crowsnest Pass and all these new houses that got built have nothing on the windows. It’s going to be getting hot in there,” said Pounder. 

Visit for more information or call Pounder at 403-563-4291.

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