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Castle Mountain anticipates exciting end to ski season

Conditions are ripe for a fantastic end of season ski experience at Castle Mountain. Contributor photo

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Mar 13, 2024

The resort’s operational calendar is winding down.

Castle Mountain Resort, nestled in southern Alberta, is gearing up for the final stretch of its winter season with enticing offers and vibrant events.

According to Cole Fawcett, the resort’s sales and marketing manager, the resort’s operational calendar is winding down.

“The season is definitely winding down. Time is limited to and get out there and get your runs in,” said Fawcett 

Fawcett emphasized that skiers and snowboarders have exactly four weeks left to enjoy the slopes starting March 11. Despite concerns earlier in the season, the resort has experienced a significant boost in snowfall, doubling its mid-mountain snow base. 

Currently standing at approximately 170 cm (about five and a half feet) the snow base is holding strong, with conditions remaining around 95 per cent of last year’s snowfall for the same period, explained Fawcett.

“Things are not that bad out there, still very skiable,” said Fawcett.

To cater to late-season enthusiasts, Castle Mountain Resort has introduced spring passes, providing unlimited skiing or snowboarding for the remaining four weeks of the season. Fawcett assures potential visitors that the availability of these passes is a positive sign, indicating the likelihood of the resort meeting its anticipated closing date on April 7.

“Anybody that ventured out to castle prior to early February would be shocked at the turnaround that we’ve had,” said Fawcett.

The spring passes are priced for all age groups, costing less than two days’ worth of individual day tickets. Fawcett encourages winter sports enthusiasts to seize this opportunity, emphasizing that conditions are still ideal for a memorable skiing or snowboarding experience.

As part of their spring programming, the resort will host outdoor live music every weekend starting March 16 and 17. These musical performances, set against the backdrop of Castle Mountain, are free to attend for all visitors. 

“Every Saturday from 2 to 5 p.m. and every Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m., there’ll be live music in the base area,” added Fawcett.

Additionally, the resort will host unique events, such as the upcoming “bank slam” snowboarding event on Saturday, drawing between 80 to 100 participants.

“Registration is available on our website. It is very inexpensive to register for. It’s only 15 dollars for kids and 25 dollars for adults,” explained Fawcett.

Fawcett concluded by urging those who may have been deterred by earlier weather challenges to make the most of the remaining weeks of the season. He encouraged both local and visiting winter enthusiasts to experience the rejuvenated conditions at Castle Mountain Resort.

“If you haven’t got out there, now is the time, because time is dwindling,” said Fawcett.

Spring passes, available at, are valid from March 11 – April 7. 

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