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CCHS student speaks about scholarship nomiation

Lloyd Cavers Student Leadership Scholarship nominees, from left: Daniel Choi of F.P. Walshe school; Peter Van Bussell of Matthew Halton school; Maya Veldman of Crowsnest Consolidated high school; Jonah MacGarva of Livingstone school; Josh Davis of J.T. Foster school; and Moses Smith of Willow Creek Composite high school. Frank McTighe photo

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Jun 12, 2024

Crowsnest Consolidated High School Student Maya Veldman honoured with nomination at Fort Macleod Award Ceremony

Crowsnest Consolidated High School student Maya Veldman recently received a prestigious nomination for the Dr. Lloyd Cavers Scholarship at an award ceremony held in Fort Macleod, reflecting her outstanding achievements and contributions as a well-rounded student.

Looking back on the moment she learned of her nomination, she shared her initial nervousness and later excitement. 

“They pulled me out of class and called me to the principal’s office. My heart was beating so fast, but once I found out I was so excited, and I was really surprised as well,” said Veldman, “The competition in my school is really high and there’s lots of other deserving students that could have also received the award. I felt really surprised and privileged to be the one chosen.”

The award ceremony itself was a memorable event for Veldman. She spoke fondly of the dinner that was provided along with praising the guest speakers. One of the speakers was Lloyd Cavers who the award she was nominated for was named after.

“I knew so many of the other student nominees from other schools through sports and functions. I knew the competition, it’s fierce, but it felt really comforting to see familiar faces,” recalled Veldman.

Being recognized with this nomination holds significant meaning for Veldman, who thanked her teachers who nominated her and sent letters of support and recommendation. 

“It means a lot to me as I see this as being one of the highest levels of recognition for a well-rounded student. I feel so honoured that my school chose me,” said Veldman. 

She also had words of encouragement for other students and her community. 

“I’d want to tell future nominees going in, don’t be nervous, just be excited. Embrace the moment. I’d like to thank the entire community; all my neighbours, coaches, teachers, parents and everyone who’s helped me get to where I am today,” she said.

Looking ahead, Veldman will be working two jobs this summer before heading off to post-secondary in the fall.

“I’m going to be at the Cherry on Top and at the pool as a lifeguard and then come this fall, I’m going to be going to SAIT to be a lab assistant and hopefully after that I’m going to upgrade to become a medical lab tech,” added Veldman.

The Dr. Lloyd Cavers Scholarship is a school-based nomination. Nominees receive $200 and $1000 goes to the division winner

The purpose of this scholarship is to recognize the contributions made by a student leader in Livingstone Range School Division.  The recipient’s leadership abilities will have had a positive impact, primarily at the school, but also in the wider community.  

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