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Final NJHL preview game taking place March 1

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Feb 28, 2024

Crowsnest Crush President hosts Fan Appreciation Night for the game
Game Admission $5.00 - Kids under 12 FREE

In anticipation of the upcoming game on March 1 in the Crowsnest Pass, Jacob Hegefeldt, the operations manager of the Noralta Junior Hockey League (NJHL), spoke about the significance of the match as the Crowsnest Crush prepares for its inaugural season.

Hegefeldt highlighted the exciting lineup for the game, featuring the Northern Alberta Lightning and the Fox Creek Ice Kings. 

“Every team plays there once,” he emphasized, indicating the uniqueness of each team’s appearance at the venue in the Pass.

With the last showcase game before the playoffs, Hegefeldt expressed anticipation for a highly competitive match. “It’s the second last weekend before playoffs, and we’re gearing up for that. We thought no better place would be to have one of our last few games than in Crowsnest Pass,” he said, 

Hegefeldt emphasized the significance of concluding the season in a location that would provide a positive experience and generate excitement for the new team.

Reflecting on the league’s reception in the community, Hegefeldt expressed gratitude, saying, “Honestly, great. The town has been very, very, very welcoming, and people have been very helpful.” 

He shared a personal anecdote about the community’s kindness when his car broke down, emphasizing the warmth and support received. A few residents helped him push his vehicle to the mechanic shop he explained,

As the conversation continued, Hegefeldt mentioned the league’s expansion, confirming the addition of Lac La Biche and Crowsnest Pass for the next season. 

He expressed excitement about the growing league and the positive response from the community, praising the support received from various quarters, including sponsorships and hospitality.

Hegefeldt hinted at potential post-game acknowledgments. “I have a list of everybody that’s helped within the last three games. I would like to do something to say thanks to all these supporters,” he said, expressing the league’s commitment to recognizing those who have contributed to the success of the showcase games.

As the interview concluded, Hegefeldt conveyed his enthusiasm for the upcoming games and thanked the community for its support. The NJHL looks forward to building on the positive momentum in Crowsnest Pass, with the last few games and playoffs on the horizon.

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