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Post-secondary fair at CCHS

Post-secondary institutions gather on the second floor of CCHS for the education fair on September 21, allowing students and parents to ‘shop’ around. Nicholas Allen photo.

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Sept 27, 2023

Post-secondary institutions gathered at CCHS for the education fair this September.

Crowsnest Consolidated High School (CCHS) hosted a post-secondary education fair on the evening of September 21.

The event was held to help students identify the different opportunities there are for post-secondary education, whether they want to tackle a four-year university degree, a two-year college or university diploma or one year certificate.

One of two career practitioners for Livingstone Range School Division, Lettie Croskery, spoke about her role in helping students identify what they what to do in the future. She said these discussions include where they’d like to live, what kind of career they might pursue and travel opportunities. 

“Whatever would make them happy in their lives, that’s our job to help try and figure that out,” said Croskery.

She added there are a variety of post-secondary experiences the students could be looking for. Things to consider are the size of the school, what scholarships are available and the types of sport teams, according to Croskery.

“These events help students identify what is important for them and where they will have the best match and the best experience for them,” said Croskery.

She thought the event went well, with Grade 12 students and their parents coming to do “post-secondary shopping” as applications open for next fall. With the importance of these decisions, Croskery wished some of the younger students had come as well.

“It’s important that they get a handle on that... We don’t want everybody just to wait until Grade 12 before they start researching opportunities,” added Croskery.

CCHS hosts the post-secondary fair each year, as it continues to grow. There were 15 different institutions across Alberta represented on September 21.

“I just encourage parents and students to come out to as many events as they can, just to help them research opportunities,” said Croskery.

Croskery works with the students at CCHS as well as the students at Livingstone School in Lundbreck.

“I’m really open to having conversations with students and their parents all the time to help provide them with research opportunities, resources and just to help guide them on their path in high school and beyond,” added Croskery.

Visit for more information on Career Practitioners at Livingstone Range School Division

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