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Teen entrepreneurs help find happiness

The teen's game, Mission: Small Bits of Happiness, available on their online store. Submitted photo.

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Jun 21, 2023

Two teens from Calgary are hoping to help spread happiness.

Teen entrepreneurs from Calgary have started a business to help people find ‘small bits of happiness’ with a focus on teens finding ways to be happy.

Small Bits of Happiness was founded by sisters Mercedes (15) and Anastasia (13) Korngut, two teenage girls who have been making a significant impact in Alberta as well as worldwide with their online presence of sharing happy hacks, life hacks and more, through their various social media platforms which include TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and Pinterest receiving just under a million views. 

“We are thrilled to help teenagers like ourselves, as well as individuals of all ages find more happiness daily.  Finding small bits of happiness can really make the biggest impact,” said Mercedes Korngut, co-founder and CEO of Small Bits of Happiness.

The two young business owners said they are thrilled to announce the launch of an online store for their business called ShopBits. They created the company to unite people of all ages, especially teenagers, and create a community of finding happiness in the small moments of everyday life. 

“As teenagers, we both know how hard it can be to feel happy sometimes and we’ve noticed this with ourselves, with peers and friends, also with adults. We know how hard it can be for everyone to feel happy and so, about a year ago, we started working on Small Bits of Happiness because what’s really helped us is finding the small things that happen in everyday life that are good,” said Mercedes, “Maybe eating a bit of chocolate or playing with your dog, or going for a walk or a bike ride, or even watching the sunrise. Those things have really helped us feel happier, so we wanted to share that with other people.”

After noticing a need in the market to support individuals in finding more happiness, Small Bits of Happiness has created a line of products to help individuals of all ages find more happiness in everyday life. The girls also developed an interactive game titled Mission: Small Bits of Happiness. With the launch of the online store, they said they’re excited to spread more happiness to the rest of Canada.

“We believe that everyone can have a bit more happiness in their life and looking for it and finding it is a life habit and skill,” said Anastasia Korngut, co-founder and COO of Small Bits of Happiness.

The game, although initially designed just for teens, has received feedback from young adults, parents and grandparents saying the game has benefited them according to the girls.

“Everyone needs a little bit more happiness, whether you’re a teenager, you’re a young adult, you’re a mom, you have little kids. Our stuff is made for teens, by teens... I think it’s a great way for them to feel happier. Everyone can use a little bit more happiness every day,” added Mercedes.

In particular, they claim many parents love the game as a tool to reconnect with their teens and tweens and learn more about what brings them more happiness. 

“They’ve really gone for such an interesting niche that has been missing in our world and they really came up with such an amazing idea,” said Monika Korngut, the girls’ mother.

Their game as well as other merchandise are available on their website,

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