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A Bit of Change

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Aug 16, 2023

Some changes came to the Pass Herald over our two-week break, with a personal change of my own included.

Well, I’ll start off by acknowledging the death of the Pass Herald’s social media accounts. It was great to run the Facebook page and start the Instagram page when I got to the Pass, but now I can no longer share the news with you on those sites. 

They have directly impacted my ability to share what is happening in the community with you through a timely manner. 

I wish it weren’t the case, but it seems this is the environment we are left in. 

I’ll remind everyone the website still works! I will continue posting to the Pass Herald website each week and I hope you continue to read it. 

I will be looking at adding comment sections to the website or moving to another social media in the coming weeks to help people with accessing and interacting with news from the Pass Herald. 

Another change I have decided is more of a professional one. I’ve been a reporter a little over a year now, and something has bugged me since I started. I am not the only Nicholas Allen who is a reporter. 

There isn’t even just one other, there are a few. I hope to distinguish myself from these other fine reporters in the only way I possibly can. I will begin using my middle initials in my reporting and as part of my identity moving forward.

You will now be reading the writing of Nicholas L. M. Allen. Not a drastic change, but one I felt necessary as I continue my career into the future. I hope this won’t be confusing for anyone. It isn’t a new reporter, just me with my middle initials!

So, two weeks off and more has changed than I expected, but it should all work out well. A huge thanks to everyone continuing to read the paper and my writing each week. 

Also, as always, if you have a story idea you can contact me at or by texting or calling me at 306-753-9330. 

Be sure to bookmark for all future updates and articles from the Pass Herald. 

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