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Chris' Restaurant

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Jul 5, 2023

(Food Edition) Trying the omelette at Chris' Restaurant while in downtown Coleman for Canada Day.

While I was in Coleman for Canada Day, taking photos and experiencing the activities, I took some time to get a meal at Chris’ Restaurant after the parade was over.

I walked in and noticed it was incredibly busy, which was no doubt due to the number of people outside during the parade. I waited for a bit, thinking I may have to come back later to find a seat.

The staff were more than accommodating though, they cleared off the small table by the entrance for me and grabbed me a chair as quickly as they could.

It was a truly kind gesture given how busy they were.

I sat down after my short wait and contemplated the menu for longer than I expected. The selection of omelettes was astounding. I knew I needed one.

So, I ordered the loaded omelette with two eggs instead of three which is a wonderful option to offer. It was a nice wait after I ordered, with my coffee in hand and the view outside.

The loaded omelette I ordered at Chris' Restaurant on Canada Day. (Nick Allen photo)

After my food was delivered, I was thoroughly pleased with how it turned out. Starting with a few slices of bread with strawberry jam, I then dug in to the hash browns. They tasted great but were slightly too big for my personal preference.

I switched to the omelette, which was indeed loaded. It had so many toppings it was hard to keep track. By the time I was halfway through, my stomach had already begun to protest at the size of the meal I was forcing it to endure.

I was unable to finish my meal, but it was sure satisfying and gave me plenty of energy to wander around Coleman for the rest of the day.

Chris’ Restaurant served up some good food with even better customer service. Many thanks to the staff who helped get me a seat that day!

Chris’ Restaurant is located at 7802 17 Avenue, Coleman. They offer dine-in and take out, along with a selection of milkshakes I was far too full to try.

I recommend going down to the restaurant if you have some time. I was a big fan of the omelette!

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