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Hunting Season

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Sept 13, 2023

Hunting season is upon us, and I wish everyone the best of luck.

Hunting Season is upon us. As the weather gets colder, the number of hunters out and about will inevitably increase. I also love to go hunting, but haven’t had the chance to try it out in Alberta. 

I know exactly where to go to fill my tags back home, but around here I imagine I would feel quite lost. Alas, I wont be trying this year, as I completely forgot to put in for draws. 

Oh well, thankfully I get plenty of  wild meat from my family each year. They do quite well each year. We normally hunt for meat but if a trophy comes along, we of course jump at the chance. 

This year, I might just have to help with the butchering to get my share of moose sausage. There is always moose meat around at my parents, whether they get drawn or make the trip to use a regular season tag. 

I love hunting moose, even though they are an intimidating animal, and sometimes a pain to retrieve. They love running into the most impossible places after you take the shot. 

I remember the first cow moose I shot. It was standing on a beautiful hill, but after I shot it took off straight into the bush about 50 yards and dropped there. It was difficult to get out but oh so worth it.

Good luck to everyone this hunting season!

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