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New phone number

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Nov 1, 2023

No more Saskatchewan phone number! (Soon)

Well, the time has come. I am officially going to be getting a local cell number. I’ve spent over a year in the Pass with my current cell phone number from Saskatchewan and the time has come to finalize my move with a new phone number. 

The phone will only be shipping out next week, but I figured a heads up would be helpful for anyone who will be trying to contact me for stories and for anyone I have handed out a business card to with my old number. I’m going to have to update that too!

With the decision to change cell providers came a multitude of choices. I was almost overwhelmed by the options after being with Sasktel since I became a teenager,

I looked at the major providers first and also looked into some of the smaller ones. I decided I would ask around and was recommended to go with Telus. It seemed like a good fit. I didnt want to try and bundle my internet or anything so starting fresh with a company sounded perfect.

The options for phones were staggering. I had so many options before me, it was hard to focus. I decided I would go with what was most practical for the work I do and would benefit me the most in the long run. 

With this decision I ordered the Samsung Z Fold 5. I was captivated with the size of the screen and the versatility of it’s design. I will be able to type on my phones keyboard like a laptop. So excited!

With my phone selected, I was shocked when I got to the pricing options. These cell providers are offering a discount on phones if you return it in two years time. This is absurd. I could imagine just trading in your thousand-dollar device you’ve paid money to use. Then again, I never understood leasing a car instead of buying one, so maybe it’s just me that’s out of touch.

Phone sure last longer than only two years, and I find use for my old phones even when they are no longer seeing daily use. Also, what would I do if my phone broke? I’m not buyng another one while potentially still paying for the last one.

I’d just ‘bite the bullet’ and use my old one until my contract was up. It seems strange for anyone to temporarily own a phone, it’s sure something I wont be doing. 

I’ll make sure I update everyone as soon as I get the new number, I look forward to having a local number!

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