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New T.V. Series

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Oct 18, 2023

Looking at the start of a new show and the second season of another.

Well, I have found a new favourite show recently. I have been a fan of The Boys since it first premiered and now it has a spinoff that is absolutely incredible. For those who don’t know, The Boys is a show about a group of people exposing superheroes for disturbing behaviour. It is a graphic show but has some wonderful acting and story lines.

The spinoff is truly incredible. The new show is called Gen V, featuring a look at the fictional Godolkin University, or God U as it’s known in the show. The pilot episode was a rollercoaster, with an ending that only left me wanting more. Sparing the details, I will say it is just as good as The Boys, but features a unique look at young adults in the world of superpowers.

The first episode premiered a few weeks ago and has now hit its fifth episode, expanding on the lore the world of The Boys has already established. The show features corruption and secrets on a scale that is great to watch, yet doesn’t feel as world-ending as the threat of Homelander.

Another series I enjoy had the start of its second season a few weeks ago. That show would be Loki. The second season has been a bit of a slow start, with more back story being given to the Time Variance Authority. Nothing has quite kicked off, although we are only on the second episode so far. Loki, based on Marvel Comics character of the same name, sees Loki working with Mobius, Hunter B-15, and other members of the Time Variance Authority search the multiverse for Sylvie.

The sets look incredible and the inclusion of Ke Huy Quan was fantastic. Quan is famous for playing Short Round in Indiana Jones and Data in The Goonies. His character was a welcome addition to the sparkling cast and he fit right into his role as Ouroboros or “O.B.” as the other characters call him. After his return to acting in 2021, it’s great to see him in one of my favourite media properties.

Be sure to catch up on these shows if you haven’t been watching already, they are a fun watch so far and I highly recommend it. It’s been great to have new shows to watch, although their timing makes it busy one day a week. New episodes of both Gen V and Loki come out Thursday on Amazon Prime and Disney Plus respectively. Once I’m done with these two shows, I will have to check the upcoming schedule for my next weekly watch.

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