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New Video Games

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Nov 22, 2023

I have been playing a few new video games for the past week and I have found some gems amongst the offerings of Xbox’s Game Pass subscription. 

I have been playing a few new video games for the past week and I have found some gems amongst the offerings of Xbox’s Game Pass subscription. 

For those unaware, the subscriptions service gives you access to hundreds of games without having to purchase each one individually. It saves on costs when there are plenty of video games I try for a bit and become disinterested and then un-install. 

I have been part of Game Pass for a while now and plenty of the games I enjoy come from its library. Big shout out to Starfield, which I have already 100 per cent finished in regards to achievements. 

This week I will be focusing on three different titles  I have been playing lately. The first I will talk about is Modern Warfare 3, or as some of my friends call it, the Modern Warfare 2 DLC (Downloadable Content). It is branded as a sequel but allows you to carry forward much of the progression and weapons you had in the previous game while adding to the number of options available for weaponry. They even added numerous maps from previous instalments in the series.

They also brought in the game mode Zombies, which is very exciting and has been a pleasure to play. It combines elements of the previous mode called DMZ, which forced players to explore an active war zone, completing missions and then escaping in a helicopter with aspects of the early Zombies modes present throughout Call of Duty’s releases. 

This mode adds zombies to the mix in a way that allows for tiered progression instead of round based combat. It provides a fresh take on the play style and provides new and old players an enjoyable experience. For most people, it may not be worth it to buy the game until it goes on sale or is added to a subscription. Only get this game if you are obsessed with the old maps and zombies like I am.

These next two games are available on Game Pass, so if you subscribe, be sure to check them out. 

The first I will talk about is Wild Hearts. It is a semi-open world, third-person role-playing game set in a fantasy world based on feudal Japan. The game is very similar in many aspects to the better known Monster Hunter titles, but differs in one key detail. The presence of advanced technologies called karakuri that help you fight these creatures on even terms. 

The building and placement of these objects help improve your odds and damage during the fights with the creatures known as Kemono. I have only been playing for a few days but I am engrossed in the game play. It features heavily customizable weapon and armour trees that feature some of the coolest designs I have seen in a game like this.

The best part of the game is being able to play the main story with a friend and share progression. This was something that was missing when I play Monster Hunter: Rise and felt like a nice change to the online play for these type of games.

Lastly, I would like to a mention a game on Game Pass which has absolutely no right being as fun as it is. If you like rogue-lites, this game is perfect for you. It is called Vampire Survivor and features one of the  most basic control systems I have used. 

Moving the character around is basically your only option, as hordes of creatures close in. You can find power-ups and weapons as you progress but the loot is randomly generated causing a different experience on each attempt. There is a variety of characters to choose from and I am still getting into it. The achievements sure are plentiful too.

Who knows what games I will play next!

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