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NHL and Spooky Season

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Oct 11, 2023

Spooky Season has begun and with it is the start of the NHL regular season.

Another Thanksgiving has gone by and that means we are very close to the Winnipeg Jets season opener against the Calgary Flames!

I am overcome with joy that hockey is here once more. No more pre-season action. These games matter. I was less than impressed with the last showing the Jets had ahead the Ottawa Senators in their last pre-season match up. 

They were held scoreless and lost 3-0 in that game. It was a hard game to watch but here’s hoping they put on a real show for game one of the regular season.

Moving past that, since I have talked about it enough for a few weeks, I’ll move on to my favourite part of October. Halloween and all of the other fantastic things that make it spooky,

I have always loved this time of year, especially since my favourite colour is orange. Between the decorations and the natural fall colours, there is plenty of it to be seen. 

Another highlight is the cool weather it brings. I love sweater weather so much. I find I can dress for the weather quite easily in October. It’s never too hot or too cold usually and it makes long-boarding a blast. I’ll see if I can make it out for a ride before the snow begins to fall.

One of the worst parts is the obsession with Pumpkin Spice. It is everywhere and in everything. I wish I liked it as that would make things so much simpler. But I sadly find it repulsive. Oh well, I can live with it.

On that note, one thing I find delicious is the variety of sweets and chocolate you are able to get this time of year. Some highlights for me are candy corn and those candy pumpkins. 

Now, I know candy corn are generally hated and I have no idea why. I love them.

The colours and flavours are perfect and same with the larger even tastier pumpkin versions. Have I made my stomach upset by eating way too many of them? Absolutely. Will it stop me from eating that many again? Absolutely not. 

Onto the best part of October now, Halloween itself. The holiday featuring candy and dress-up has always been the best in my opinion. I have worn some goofy costumes over the years and they are so much fun. My two best were a roll of Lifesavers candy and a dodgeball outfit from the movie Dodgeball. 

I might have to see about dressing up and handing out candy at the office when the day comes around. I doubt I will get any visitors in my apartment building and would love the chance to hand out snacks!

Whether or not I get the chance to hand out candy, I will for sure be dressing up!

Have a great October everyone!

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