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Trip to Emergency

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Aug 23, 2023

I received stitches and got to experience the wonderful emergency room staff we have in the Pass.

Well, last Tuesday was interesting for me. I went home from the paper a bit early after feeling a bit under the weather. It was mostly congestion, possibly even allergies.

What happened after I got home was quite the series of unfortunate events. Walking out of my kitchen with a freshly made coffee, I bumped into the dish drying rack.

This is where the trouble starts. In a panic, I reached for the falling dish that slowly slid off of my pile of dishes. I didn’t want to break my favourite pan for making brownies in! In hindsight, I wish I would have let it drop.

Thinking fast, I shot my right hand out to grasp the dish, but as soon as I settled it into my hands, I realized something was wrong. Where did the blood come from?

That was answered when I looked at my pinky finger. It had somehow been sliced open on a knife in the drying rack when I reached out to catch the falling object. I quickly deposited everything in my hands into the sink, and set about finding paper towel to help stop the bleeding. It was off to the ER.

After being given a ride, I was struggling as I approached the reception area. I was feeling a bit woozy by the time I sat down in the waiting room and was checked on for triage purposes. It wasn’t too long before they took me back into the room to stitch me up. The freezing process made me so nauseous I could hardly sit up before I was stitched.

By the end, I was patched up and sent on my way by the friendly nurses and doctors in the emergency room. It was a painful experience and the five stitches should come out sometime in the next week.

Thank you Crowsnest Pass Hospital staff. I also have to offer my sympathies as I was told by my ride that someone complained to the nurses about my placement ahead of them. I understand triage must be something incredibly difficult already without someone complaining about your decisions. I really appreciate you seeing me so quickly.

Its unfortunate some people don’t seem to understand how triage works.

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