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Winter Driving

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Dec 13, 2023

It has only been a few weeks of winter weather and it feels like everyone has forgotten how ice and snow work.

Well, winter has arrived and the bad drivers are out in droves. It has only been a few weeks of winter weather and it feels like everyone has forgotten how ice and snow work. The first dump of snow was a lot, this I will admit, but it doesn’t seem to excuse the atrocious behaviour of some people on the roads lately.

The one dangerous interaction I had was with a teenager driving erratic on the road to Tim Horton’s. I was in the right lane, preparing to turn in for a coffee, when from the left lane, this unobservant moron swerves across my lane turning into the gas station with the latest signal I have ever seen. 

Not only did they signal after they started moving, they illegally crossed my lane to turn right almost causing an accident. I honked and proceeded to take the next right turn and make my way to the drive-thru.

What happened next made me even more appalled at this driver’s behaviour. He comes flying around the pumps of the gas station in an apparent attempt to beat me to the Tim Horton’s. I was in front of them and stopped to give them a piece of my mind.

I yelled at them, saying there are two lanes for a reason and to watch where they are going. I then proceeded to order my drink and food after pulling up.

This was a ridiculous interaction. One that showed people seem to ignore traffic rules when they cant see the lines, but that is really no excuse. 

The snow has also made it so much more dangerous when driving down the main street in Blairmore. The number of people who cross the centre line to park on the opposite side of the street is ridiculous.

Not only is it illegal, with signs posted along the street sharing this fact, but it is so difficult for anyone making a right turn to react to someone parking illegally crossing the line. This is just asking for an accident, especially with the conditions the winter storms have left us. The drivers aren’t the only one’s causing trouble

But, I also have to say it is difficult when pedestrians refuse to use cross walks available to them, especially when they are so plentiful. The post office is hands down the worst area of town for poor interactions with both drivers and pedestrians.

Drive to the conditions and be aware of others.

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