July 1st, 2015 ~ Vol. 85 No. 26
- School’s Out!
- Comics slay at Bellevue
  Legion show
- High School Curling
- Wildcat Days
- A CBC garden guru’s
  six tips to getting the
  most from a short
  growing season
- 50 Shades of Black
- Pastor's Pen
- RCMP Stats
- Classifieds
- Puzzle Page
- Community Calendar
- Macleod MP John
  Barlow raising funds for
  Easter Seals Camp
- Five local runners will
  attempt to solo the
  Sinister 7
- Fire/rescue bikers
  gather for Western Rally
  in Coleman
- Crowsnest at a Glance
- 180 Days of School
- Question of the Week
- Letters to the Editor
- Bricks & Boquets
- Local stylist sells salon,
  starts fre0sh
- 7 questions for a set of
  Sinister 7 Ultra +Relay
- Time to ask about how
  our Forest Reserves
  are treated
Crowsnest Pass Herald Front Page
School’s Out!
Horace Allen School students participating in the “jungle jeep relay,” at a jungle themed field day on June 24. “We do a cross-grade school event where the kids are put into teams so they can work together,” says HAS principal Elaine Garner. “It’s just a fun way to end the school year.” Volunteers, including a handful of students from CCHS helped run the activities and municipal council provided a pizza lunch. It was an extra special last Wednesday of the school year,” says Garner.
Crowsnest Pass Weather
Story 1 - 150701 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Comics slay at Bellevue Legion show
Societal norms were challenged at the Bellevue Legion last Saturday night when Noor Kidwai, a Muslim comic born in Calgary and raised in High River, took to the stage for a Bellecrest comedy show.
According to his official website, much of [...]
Story 2 - 150701 Crowsnest Pass Herald
A CBC garden guru’s six tips to getting the most from a short growing season
Once you’ve been gardening for a long time, especially in a very short growing season, it becomes inevitable that we start looking for ways to lengthen our growing period or at least try and get more out of it! There are some ways [...]
Story 3 - 150701 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Five local runners will attempt to solo the Sinister 7
On July 11, almost 1500 runners from all over the world will descend on the Pass for the Sinister 7 Ultra, a grueling 100-mile race.
A total of 204 teams will be competing; they have the luxury of [...]
Story 4 - 150701 Crowsnest Pass Herald
7 questions for a set of Sinister 7 Ultra +Relay soloists
Susan Lowe-Wylde and Suzanne Wemp are no slouches.
On July 11, the Pass residents and running buddies will be attempting to solo all 100-miles of the Sinister 7.
The Herald caught up with [...]
Story 5 - 150701 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Time to ask about how our Forest Reserves are treated
Landowners bordering the Forest Reserve must feel special these days, especially where logging is proposed. Senior Alberta Forestry staff have visited them, sometimes repeatedly, to warn them of the dangers of unlogged forests.
The message is [...]
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Previous Issues
Story 1 - 150624 Crowsnest Pass Herald
CAO’s report and Crowsnest municipal council briefs
At a council meeting on June 16, CAO Sheldon Steinke gave an update on the activities of a number of municipal departments. [...]
Story 2 - 150624 Crowsnest Pass Herald
CBC show about the Pass being screened at Rum Runner
Last year, comedian Jonny Harris visited the Pass to help film an episode of the CBC’s “Still Standing,” and the show is finally ready for broadcast.
The show follows Harris as he explores [...]
Story 3 - 150624 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Crowsnest Pass Heritage Inventory Project Phase III
The towns of the Pass are defined by their coal mining histories but geography, ethnography and the nature of the local mine make each of them [...]
Story 4 - 150624 Crowsnest Pass Herald
More ski runs for Pass Powderkeg
The municipality is teaming up with a logging company to increase the number of runs at the Pass Powderkeg.
Local contractor, Dale Linderman will be logging [...]
Story 5 - 150624 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Race to challenge young people to reach full potential
The Search Institute has identified 40 qualities that young people need to become functioning adults.
These qualities, or developmental assets, include [...]
Story 1 - 150617 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Lions International Hall of Fame
When you talk about Cliff Reiling, you think of Economic Development, RCMP, Lions and countless burger flipping at several venues throughout the Crowsnest Pass.
As a 40 year member of Lions International, Reiling was recently inducted into the [...]
Story 2 - 150617 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Horses, a wagon, a dream, a journey
Pierre Cloutier doesn’t worry about the price of gas but the price of oats is another matter.
Cloutier and his four Belgian horses, Jenny, Betty, Buddy and Kelly along with [...]
Story 3 - 150617 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Darcy’s Nature Walk another success
The eighth annual Darcy’s Nature Walk that took place on Saturday, June 13th was a success, with nearly 300 participants showing up for the walk at Fireman’s Park in Bellevue.
The 5 km nature walk was open to anyone of any age, and there was no [...]
Story 4 - 150617 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Fundraising for a cause
Courtney Cann, who lives in the Crowsnest Pass and works as an educator in Pincher Creek, started growing out her hair three years ago so she could donate it to make a wigs for cancer sufferers.
The kind act had been on her bucket list.
But after learning about [...]
Story 5 - 150617 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Biking across Canada for poverty
Sarah French and Mary Fehr aren't your typical 20-somethings and their upcoming adventure is no different. Both were recently part of MEDA's – Mennonite Economic Development Associates – intern program: Sarah worked on an agriculture project in Nicaragua, Mary on a health project in Tanzania.
Both women were biking through [...]
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July 1st ~ Vol. 85 No. 26
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